Okay, here’s the other thing that bugs me about the Roberts shooting. Nobody knows when Officer Price got into the car or exactly when he drew his gun. The story has changed at least three times. First, Price got into the car when it had come to a full stop against a concrete planter, struggled with Roberts, and shot him (without mention of when the gun was drawn). This story was unsatisfactory, because Roberts wasn’t threatening anyone’s safety once the car had come to a full stop. Then the story changed: Price got into the car as it was moving and he already had his gun drawn (or so the media implied). Have you ever tried to get into a moving car? And with something in your hand? Pointed? That story didn’t last long. The current story is that Price got into the car sometime after it lurched forward, but before it backed up. He didn’t have his gun drawn, but he struggled with Roberts, who made a grab for his gun (while hanging onto Neubert, shifting the car, stepping on the gas, etc.). Price then wrestled the gun away and shot Roberts in the abdomen. Now, sometimes after people have a good scare, they can’t always remember what happened; and, sure, the media can’t get the full story right away. In most situations, however, the first story has at least some grain of truth to it, and later stories add missing details and change some small ones. But in this case the story has changed completely three different times. It reeks of coverup.