On Oct. 31 at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, the European wing of the Biotic Baking Brigade struck again. This time the target was Renato Ruggiero, Director General of the shadowy World Trade Organization (WTO).

After finishing his speech in which he defended the WTO’s decision to overturn U.S. legal attempts to protect endangered sea turtles from shrimp fishermen, 20 BBB members swooped down and let the cream fly. According to Keith Rockwell, a WTO spokesman, “…one guy shoved the pie hard into his face and another brought a second down on top of his head.” Ruggiero, however, remained calm and replied: “This is not a bad cake!”

No police or security guards were present and none were called, since Ruggiero sustained no injuries–except to his cholesterol count. A statement by the Biotic Baking Brigade said that its pie throwers sent “a sticky message to Ruggiero and the global elite: To those who wish to dominate the world, the world replies, ‘Let them eat humble pie.'”

In mid October, the WTO ruled that the U.S. can’t force shrimp-exporting countries to fit their fleets with $75 devices that would protect sea turtles. This is just one of many WTO rulings that have gutted local and national environmental and labor laws in favor of free trade and profit.

In February, European pie-throwers hit Bill Gates with three pies while he was in Brussels, Belgium, on a tour to promote Windows 98. Two weeks later, U.S. members of the BBB pied Proctor & Gamble Chairman John Pepper in Columbus, Ohio, citing P&G’s scandalous animal-rights record.